We make "house calls" for our customers that can't make it into our store.  
We have helped families decide how to best disburse the contents of homes from attic to basement and garage.  We have been known to visit storage lockers if the need arises.  

Call us to see if the Transit Van will be near you.  We can always add another stop to the itinerary.

Many people visit our store to have us help them determine the current value of an item or items.  We are always happy to learn about the vintage jewelry, collectibles, antiques, and rustic treasures that are brought to our store.  

​Check out the map to see where the Transit Van will be soon.  We can always add another stop to the itinerary. If we are in your area give us a call, we will be happy to drop by, chat about antiques and collectibles, and maybe, just maybe you will sell a few of them to us. We visit homes, storage lockers, barns, and garages in Central Indiana and beyond.


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