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Our sister store, Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers,  is located at 190 South Main St., Zionsville, Indiana.  Midwest specializes in the acquisition and sale of fine estate items.  We recommend customers who have precious metals, estate jewelry, diamonds and other precious gems, vintage guns, marbles, and militaria contact Midwest directly at 317-733-0099.

Hidden Treasures Antiques is committed to showcasing the versatility of antique and vintage products. Our online and bricks and mortar store consistently provide us with opportunities to meaningfully link the past to the present for all of our customers.

We are always on the lookout for unique vintage and antique pieces to purchase and welcome the ability to learn something new about each and every item. Please feel free to call us if you are interested in just selling a few items or downsizing the whole household. 

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​Hidden Treasures Antiques LLC We Buy And Sell Antiques And Collectibles.

Our purpose is to bring value to old items by presenting them to new owners in the best light possible. Zionsville Pickers and our retail partner Hidden Treasures Antiques is 2400 sq. feet of a dual purpose LLC: one is the eBay Hidden Treasures of Zionsville store and the other is the actual storefront in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work hard every day to embody Brian McCall's philosophy of extending great customer service, operating with extreme professionalism, and establishing trusting relationships with customers, both those that purchase from us and from those from whom we purchase.  We like to buy vintage jewelry, and we visit homes, storage lockers, barns, and garages in Indianapolis

We began as a way to help Brian deal with the collection of antiques and oddities that he had purchased over the years.  The eBay side began first and has grown from one individual to four full time and two part time staff. Our retail bricks and mortar came later and employs two. The retail store is both an outlet for antiques and collectibles that we purchase from customers and a staging area for a great deal of our inventory.
 We support the foundation "Fountains of Hope International" by designating a portion of our profits to the organization.


No matter how small or large the collection, we recognize quality and offer you a fair price for your treasures.

We buy and sell from both Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers  and the general public. We have a Transit van just waiting to pull into your driveway.  A great deal of every day is spent  with walk in customers that have interesting family treasures to sell. We look forward to the unwrapping of their items, both hoping to find "treasure" and to hear the history that goes with the item. The best part of our job is offering a fair price for a family heirloom.

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